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Talking Yinghan Simplified Character English Chinese Dictionary 2.7

Talking Yinghan Simplified Character English Chinese Dictionary 2.7

Talking Yinghan Simplified Character English Chinese Dictionary Publisher's Description


Version 2.7:

  • Support directly lookup from Plucker ebook viewer via Plucker Plugin Interface (PPI).
  • Better support for multiple DAs..
  • Improved Favorite word interface.
  • Improved detection of voice synthesis support.

  • over 200,000 recognized word variants, 55000+ base headwords,
  • optional Chinese-English dictionary is included,
  • includes optional bilingual voice synthesis package that can pronounce all English headwords and the Chinese characters in the definitions on Palm OS 5.2 or Sony Clie devices,
  • optional utility to look up the phonetic spelling in Pinyin or Zhuyin of any Chinese character. Great for learning Chinese pronunciations for both native and non-native speakers,
  • Optional DA Launcher Desk Accessory (DA) version allows you one-tap lookup from ANY Palm application,
  • dual auto-complete and manual browse mode provide usage convenience and power,
  • cross-referencing between the two languages,
  • Wildcard search in manual mode. Help one to look up a word when one does not know the precise spelling of the word. A great help with spelling and crossword puzzle.
  • computes inflections (plurals, tenses and comparatives) for regular and irregular nouns, verbs, adjective and adverbs,
  • look-up history of last 50 unique words,
  • Beam and send dictionary entries to Memo application.
  • colorized for more effective presentation,
  • User-managed favorite word list.
  • VFS support. All supported memory cards and sticks,
  • font selection,
  • convenient clipboard copy, paste and look up,
  • fast response to inquiry and support questions because we care!
  • Visit Abstract R&D and see documentation for details.
  • Yinghan software update history:

    Version 2.6:

    • Favorite word list. Much like history word list except users decide what stays in the favorite word list.
    • Both history word list and favorite word list survive soft reset and backed up during a HotSync.
    • Option + Menu key combination trigger has been added to the list of Instant Lookup triggers. And trigger preference can survive soft reset and HotSync.
    • Option to auto lookup clipboard text. Useful to work with other application that can launch Yinghan.

    Version 2.5:

    • Better support of Graffiti-less models like Treo 600.
    • Better usage of 5-way navigation buttons. Look-up history and cross-referencing can use the navigation buttons.
    • DA Launcher support for Graffiti-less models.

    Version 2.4

    • Native support for GB Chinese-English dictionary and cross-referencing with GB Yinghan.

    Version 2.3

    • Support launching of Desk Accessory (DA) version of Yinghan.
    • Save/Restore history word list.


    • OS 5.3 support.
    • wildcard search in Manual mode.
    • send/beam dictionary entry to the Memo application.
    • LIAuto import of extension programs like speech synthesis from memory card.
    • Allows keyboard input on T3 for Hanying.

    2.0 (10/1/03) -

    • Mandarin Chinese synthesis support
    1.2 (9/1/03) -

    • Graffiti 2 support
    • Redesigned display format
    • phonetic key map
    • displays HotSync user id
    • clear history
    1.1 (6/9/03) -
    • Voice synthesis package for Palm OS 5 devices.
    • 5-way nagivigator support.
    1.0.4 (2/22/03) -
    • computes inflections (plurals, tenses and comparatives) for regular and irregular nouns, verbs, adjective and adverbs,
    • VFS support. This means all Yinghan related databases can reside on any of the Palm OS supported memory expansion, card, sticks, etc.
    • Built-in support of Chinese phoneitc reference.
    • Chinese font selection. Actual fonts supported will depend on our Chinese OS.
    • direct history list browsing by using left and right button. History list is increased to 50.
    1.0.3 (11/8/02) -
    • auto-complete search allows word lookup with minimal input. Manual method allows inexact matching and stem word recognition.
    • Colorization allows easier and clearer presentation of word entries for machines with color capability.
    1.0.2 (11/5/01) -
    • DA Launcher Desk Accessory version of English-Chinese and Chinese-English dictionary are included.
    • Chinese phonetic reference utility is also added to Chinese-English dictionary.

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